Wedding Cocktail Hour Ideas

Wedding Cocktail Hour Ideas

Cocktail hour sets the tone and warms guests up for your reception or ceremony. Here are some creative and easy ways to get the party started.

ring toss

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Incorporate a few games into your cocktail hour for your guests to have fun with. Ring toss, Jenga, Cornhole... games will create a fun energy and give your guests a chance to let loose.

finger foods

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Finger Foods

...because pretty much anything tiny is super adorable. I mean, look at those tiny mugs and sliders! You can't help but smile while looking at those lil guys. Cute, tiny foods will not only put smiles on guests' faces, but they're super easy to eat as well.

Fancy Pop Popcorn Bar

Fancy Pop Popcorn Bar

Savory or sweet, popcorn pairs perfectly with cocktails, beer, and wine. Fancy Pop offers full-service options (setup, break down & table styling) - you sit back and enjoy the party...we'll take care of everything!

cheese bar

Cheese Bar

Doesn't everyone love cheese? A variety of cheese, crackers, and fruit is sure to be a hit with your guests. Not only are these easy to eat, but they pair wonderfully with wine and cocktails.


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Drinks ASAP

No one likes to wait....especially for an alcoholic beverage. Have glasses of champagne or wine stationed at the entrance for easy access of that first drink.