DIY Wedding Invitation

Fun and Easy DIY Wedding Invitation!

DIY wedding invites are a great area to cut costs when planning your wedding budget. With so many great, FREE downloadable templates and tutorials on the internet, making your own invitations can be a cinch!

I went this route when planning my own wedding. I'm a die-hard DIYer and I was excited to tackle this project.


DIY Wedding Invitation

My DIY Wedding Invite

DIY Wedding Invitation

I found the particular template I used on:

Here you will find pretty much all of the information you will need in regards to supplies and materials, instructions, and the links where you can download the INVITATION template and DETAILS template. For my "rsvp", I created my own template using photoshop and the header and footer images on the "details" card.

I didn't do exactly what this page instructs; I used slightly different paper and had a different tie enclosure. Feel free to add your own personality to your invite!

Helpful tips

** Print and have cut at FedEx, Staples, or somewhere of that nature.

** Remove the borders on the templates. When I first had FedEx do the cutting some of the black border was visible on the invite. I had them go into my file, remove the border, then cut according to what size I waned (5x7).

** The instructional page suggests using to insert your text; I found photoshop to be easier. If  you don't have photoshop on your personal computer you can download a free 3o day trial at

** Affordable paper supplies can be found at:

For additional DIY wedding invitation templates, here are some great resources:

Top Wedding Guest Complaints

Top Wedding Guest Complaints

Wedding Day


If your wedding is during the colder months, be sure to be considerate of your guests - especially your bridal party. Nothing's worse than outdoor photos in cold weather in a sleeveless dress. Matching shawls is a great way to keep your girls toasty while keeping your photos beautiful. Don't forget about your other guests! If your ceremony or reception is outdoors in slightly uncomfortable weather, be sure to provide hand-held fans or comfy blankies to keep everyone smiling.

wedding dress code

Dress Code

This is a big one.... people want to feel comfortable in their environment. For example, we suggest not opting for "black tie" if you're having a beach wedding. Be sure to note attire details on your wedding invites - " Reception will be held on a lawn; please choose footwear accordingly", or "Jacket/sweater suggested for evening hours" if you're having your reception outdoors. Thoughtful suggestions like these will go a long way with your guests.

wedding reception
photo curtesy of:

Reception Starting Hours After Ceremony

Unless absolutely necessary, plan on your reception beginning pretty immediately after the ceremony. Guests won't know what to do with themselves if they have hours until the reception begins; some may even skip out... OR, some may start the party early and arrive drunk. Yikes!


Cash Bar = No-No

Having a "full", open bar can definitely get a bit pricey for those with larger guest counts, but having guests pay for their own drinks tends to be a major faux pas in the eyes of many wedding guests (and wedding professionals). We suggest sticking to wine, champagne, beer, and 1 or 2 signature cocktails. Your guests will be much happier and so will your bank account!


Loooong Speeches

Short and sweet - be sure to let your speech givers in on this tip!