5 Ways To Transform Your Wedding With Baby’s Breath

Baby's breath is the perfect budget friendly option to help make your wedding beautiful!

babys breath


Ceremony Aisle Chairs Accent

How gorgeous it this?! Simple and stunning. Create your own cone to hang over the chairs with card stock and some tape, glue, or staples, attached a small ribbon for the "hanging" portion, then fill with baby's breath! Soooo easy.

Wedding Table Centerpiece


Table Centerpiece

The photo pretty much says it all. Leave the mason jar or vase plain, or dress it up with some twine or ribbon.

Industry tip: Where to find cheap mason jars? Dollar store, y'all! You can put in your order online and opt for "in store pickup" to beat the shipping charge.

Dollar Tree Mason Jars

Groomsmen Boutonnieres


These groomsmen boutonnieres are ridiculously adorable. Bunch some baby's breath together, wrap some twine around those bad boys and ta-da! Don't forget the pin!

Bridesmaid's Bouquets

Bridesmaid's Bouquets

Using baby's breath as your bridesmaid's bouquet is not only stunning, but GENIUS. There's no shame in wanting to put a good chunk of your floral budget towards your bouquet. So simple you can even DIY it!

Industry tip: Find a wholesale flower shop in your area to find some super affordable baby's breath; most don't require their customers to be in the floral business.

Wedding Cake


Wedding Cake

Baby's breath accents on your wedding cake creates one gorgeously affordable cake!