5 Ways To Transform Your Wedding With Baby’s Breath

Baby's breath is the perfect budget friendly option to help make your wedding beautiful!

babys breath


Ceremony Aisle Chairs Accent

How gorgeous it this?! Simple and stunning. Create your own cone to hang over the chairs with card stock and some tape, glue, or staples, attached a small ribbon for the “hanging” portion, then fill with baby’s breath! Soooo easy.

Wedding Table Centerpiece


Table Centerpiece

The photo pretty much says it all. Leave the mason jar or vase plain, or dress it up with some twine or ribbon.

Industry tip: Where to find cheap mason jars? Dollar store, y’all! You can put in your order online and opt for “in store pickup” to beat the shipping charge.

Dollar Tree Mason Jars

Groomsmen Boutonnieres


These groomsmen boutonnieres are ridiculously adorable. Bunch some baby’s breath together, wrap some twine around those bad boys and ta-da! Don’t forget the pin!

Bridesmaid's Bouquets

Bridesmaid's Bouquets

Using baby’s breath as your bridesmaid’s bouquet is not only stunning, but GENIUS. There’s no shame in wanting to put a good chunk of your floral budget towards your bouquet. So simple you can even DIY it!

Industry tip: Find a wholesale flower shop in your area to find some super affordable baby’s breath; most don’t require their customers to be in the floral business.

Wedding Cake


Wedding Cake

Baby’s breath accents on your wedding cake creates one gorgeously affordable cake!

DIY Wedding Invitation

Fun and Easy DIY Wedding Invitation!

DIY wedding invites are a great area to cut costs when planning your wedding budget. With so many great, FREE downloadable templates and tutorials on the internet, making your own invitations can be a cinch!

I went this route when planning my own wedding. I’m a die-hard DIYer and I was excited to tackle this project.


DIY Wedding Invitation

My DIY Wedding Invite

DIY Wedding Invitation

I found the particular template I used on:


Here you will find pretty much all of the information you will need in regards to supplies and materials, instructions, and the links where you can download the INVITATION template and DETAILS template. For my “rsvp”, I created my own template using photoshop and the header and footer images on the “details” card.

I didn’t do exactly what this page instructs; I used slightly different paper and had a different tie enclosure. Feel free to add your own personality to your invite!

Helpful tips

** Print and have cut at FedEx, Staples, or somewhere of that nature.

** Remove the borders on the templates. When I first had FedEx do the cutting some of the black border was visible on the invite. I had them go into my file, remove the border, then cut according to what size I waned (5×7).

** The instructional page suggests using picmonkey.com to insert your text; I found photoshop to be easier. If  you don’t have photoshop on your personal computer you can download a free 3o day trial at http://www.photoshop.com/products.

** Affordable paper supplies can be found at: https://www.paperandmore.com

For additional DIY wedding invitation templates, here are some great resources:

Top Wedding Guest Complaints

Top Wedding Guest Complaints

Wedding Day


If your wedding is during the colder months, be sure to be considerate of your guests – especially your bridal party. Nothing’s worse than outdoor photos in cold weather in a sleeveless dress. Matching shawls is a great way to keep your girls toasty while keeping your photos beautiful. Don’t forget about your other guests! If your ceremony or reception is outdoors in slightly uncomfortable weather, be sure to provide hand-held fans or comfy blankies to keep everyone smiling.

wedding dress code

Dress Code

This is a big one…. people want to feel comfortable in their environment. For example, we suggest not opting for “black tie” if you’re having a beach wedding. Be sure to note attire details on your wedding invites – ” Reception will be held on a lawn; please choose footwear accordingly”, or “Jacket/sweater suggested for evening hours” if you’re having your reception outdoors. Thoughtful suggestions like these will go a long way with your guests.

wedding reception
photo curtesy of: https://www.insideweddings.com/weddings/

Reception Starting Hours After Ceremony

Unless absolutely necessary, plan on your reception beginning pretty immediately after the ceremony. Guests won’t know what to do with themselves if they have hours until the reception begins; some may even skip out… OR, some may start the party early and arrive drunk. Yikes!


Cash Bar = No-No

Having a “full”, open bar can definitely get a bit pricey for those with larger guest counts, but having guests pay for their own drinks tends to be a major faux pas in the eyes of many wedding guests (and wedding professionals). We suggest sticking to wine, champagne, beer, and 1 or 2 signature cocktails. Your guests will be much happier and so will your bank account!


Loooong Speeches

Short and sweet – be sure to let your speech givers in on this tip!

Wedding Cocktail Hour Ideas

Wedding Cocktail Hour Ideas

Cocktail hour sets the tone and warms guests up for your reception or ceremony. Here are some creative and easy ways to get the party started.

ring toss

photo courtesy of: http://www.tulleandchantilly.com/blog/save-your-budget-with-fun-and-quirky-wedding-party-games/


Incorporate a few games into your cocktail hour for your guests to have fun with. Ring toss, Jenga, Cornhole... games will create a fun energy and give your guests a chance to let loose.

finger foods

Photo courtesy of: blog.eversnapapp.com

Finger Foods

...because pretty much anything tiny is super adorable. I mean, look at those tiny mugs and sliders! You can't help but smile while looking at those lil guys. Cute, tiny foods will not only put smiles on guests' faces, but they're super easy to eat as well.

Fancy Pop Popcorn Bar

Fancy Pop Popcorn Bar

Savory or sweet, popcorn pairs perfectly with cocktails, beer, and wine. Fancy Pop offers full-service options (setup, break down & table styling) - you sit back and enjoy the party...we'll take care of everything!

cheese bar

Cheese Bar

Doesn't everyone love cheese? A variety of cheese, crackers, and fruit is sure to be a hit with your guests. Not only are these easy to eat, but they pair wonderfully with wine and cocktails.


photo courtesy of: http://www.tappanappa.com.au/hire/cart.php?target=product&product_id=1301&category_id=120

Drinks ASAP

No one likes to wait....especially for an alcoholic beverage. Have glasses of champagne or wine stationed at the entrance for easy access of that first drink.

Bohemian Wedding Ideas

Bohemian Wedding Ideas

For brides who want a more laid back vibe for their wedding, a Bohemian influence is a great choice. Vintage and eclectic, this style is creative, fun and relaxed.

bohemian hair


Nothing says Bohemian more than floral hair pieces and braids. GORGEOUS!

bohemian cake


Not your typical wedding cake, but Bohemian is anything but typical. Set your reception apart by opting for a creatively different cake!

rustic sign


The Bohemian style tends to have a rustic influence. Reclaimed wood is perfect for a variety of decor options.

backyard wedding


Typically, Bohemian themed ceremonies and receptions are held outdoors. The fresh air and natural surroundings help to create a peaceful, serene vibe. As for options, there are so many - parks, backyards, a ranch or barn....the sky's the limit!

Vintage Inspired Wedding

Fancy Pop loves all things vintage; especially vintage inspired weddings. Here's a peak at some easy ways to add the perfect vintage touch to any wedding.

Vintage Broach

Vintage Broach

Wrap a vintage broach around table napkins and you've got yourself a vintage masterpiece.

Dramatic Lace Table Runner

Lace Table Runner

Vintage Inspired Headpiece

Vintage Headpiece

Image courtesy of

Vintage Inspired Wedding Favors

Fancy Pop Popcorn Cones

Fancy Pop Popcorn Cones are perfect as wedding favors or at table settings. These popcorn cones are vintage inspired, with "lace" (paper) cones. Custom options available. Call or email Fancy Pop to place your order.




Vintage China

Image courtesy of

There's no "rule" table settings have to match! Get creative with some thrift store finds and you'll have the perfect vintage table settings.

DIY Ideas for Brides on a Budget

DIY projects are not only fun, but budget friendly. If you’re on a budget, like most brides are, why not incorporate some DIY magic into your wedding?

Enlist the help of your family and friends and you’ll have projects, like these, done in no time. If they need some bribing, we all know free food and drinks do the trick! DIY Party!


This example is seriously SO. CUTE. and easy! Michael’s carries those exact pieces of wood, at a reasonable price; you can find some online, as well. Use any glass bottle and a mason jar as the “vases”. Decorate, fill with fresh flowers (even silk would work well!) and you’re done! I estimate this exact setting to cost somewhere around $25.



Kraft Paper Invitations


I have a major love affair with kraft paper. You can dress it up, or down, use brown twine, bakers twine, add embellishments and so much more – it’s just so versatile and clean looking; I love it. Something like what’s pictured, is so easy to do on your own and looks super sharp. Stack the cards and tie with brown twine (or any color bakers twine) for an added “pop”, place into an envelope and you’re good to go!




DIY - Rustic


A Fancy Pop DIY Popcorn Buffet Bar is the perfect option for those who want to incorporate something special and creative into their wedding, but don’t necessarily have the budget for our full-service popcorn bar options. We have 3 styles to choose from, and options for 25 – 100 guests. You choose the style, flavors and guest count, we ship, then you display! Pricing starts at $200.


snack pack favors


How cute are these?! Our snack packs make great favor and / or table setting options. Decorate as you please to create a cute, custom favor. Pricing starts at $2.25 / bag.

Hook a Bridesmaid Up!

... with some budget friendly alternatives - because being apart of a wedding can be expensive!

In a recent (100th) viewing of the always entertaining, "Bridesmaids", I began to think about all of the costs bridesmaids accrue in being apart of a wedding - dress, makeup, shoes, accessories, bachelorette party gift, bridal shower gift, wedding gift, flight, hotel and more. Whoa. That's a lot of cash and like most these days, I'm sure many of your bridesmaids are on a tight budget.

Link to image: http://blogs.indiewire.com/thompsononhollywood/bridesmaids_vs._the_hangover

Here are some great ways to "hook a bridesmaid up":


Link to image: http://www.whitneyupdate.com/6606/showcase/rent-the-runway-provides-access-to-expensive-high-end-brands-for-less/#prettyPhoto

I'm sure many of you have heard of the fabulous company, "Rent the Runway", but if you haven't, listen (read) carefully: You can rent a DESIGNER dress for as little as $70 (sometimes, even less). I've actually used this service and it was so simple. They even allow customers to choose an additional size of the same dress (since trying on isn't an option, unless you live in Las Vegas) at no additional charge. They have accessories, too. Score!


Link to image: http://dfemale.com/tips-makeup-artist/how-to-be-a-makeup-artist-youtube/

We all have those couple of friends who are great at makeup and / or hair. Forgo a professional and ask a couple of your bridesmaids if they'd be willing to help out with this task.


Link to image: http://www.uvchealthequipment.com/hotels/

Have your bridesmaids share hotel accommodations - even if they don't know one another. Of course, if someone isn't comfortable with that, they'll get their own room, but for those who are on a budget, they'll appreciate this suggestion. Send out an email, introducing everyone and suggesting this option, to get the ball rolling.


Link to image: http://www.aplithelp.com/wackywednesday-crafting-innovative-lesson-plans/

- Instead of a spa day with the girls, spend a day getting mani/pedis, tans and /or facials.

- If guests need to travel to attend your bridal shower and bachelorette party, have them on the same day, or weekend, to cut travel costs.

Wedding Ceremony Backdrops

The actual place you will stand to become Man and Wife is important in so many ways. It’s the first stop on your journey into marriage and will forever be in your mind… and photos! Picture perfect ceremony backdrops are important to many brides and grooms. Here’s a peek at some of our favorite outdoor and indoor wedding ceremony backdrops.

Outdoor Ceremony Backdrop

Now this is gorgeous! For those of you who love a rustic look, this is beautiful!

Outdoor Ceremony Backdrop

Oh, so romantic. Soft lights strung throughout the branches of a tree make an outdoor evening ceremony perfectly beautiful.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

You guys… I can’t even handle how stunning this is. For those of you who are lucky enough to have their ceremony in front of a naturally beautiful backdrop, there’s not much “fancy-ing” up that needs to be done. A simple arch and you and your future husband are all you need!

Indoor Ceremony Backdrop

Whoa. Who knew a beat-up, old fireplace could look so beautiful? Now, I’m sure those of you who are having the ceremony inside, don’t necessarily have the option of standing in front of a fireplace. Luckily, you can make it happen – there are companies who rent out fireplace props. A simple fireplace and a dramatic floral arrangement are the perfect combination.

Indoor Ceremony Backdrop

So simple, yet so pretty! A piece of textured fabric, or a curtain will do the trick. Dress it up with florals and voila!

Organic vs. Non-Organic Popcorn

What’s better for you?

Popcorn is so easy to eat and prepare! “Just less than three steps and you’re done,” says the

microwavable popcorn box description. While that statement is true, the question of, “Is it better and

healthy for you,” begs to differ. The misconception of organic and non-organic popcorn has confused

consumers. Let’s break it down and keep it simple, so you can decide what‘s better for you.



Uses Non –GMO ingredients, organic corn, contains no Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Artificial

Flavors, Annatto for color, Chemicals and Preservatives. Organic popcorn generally contains no more

than four ingredients:

Fancy Pop’s White Cheddar Popcorn – 3 ingredients.



Uses GMO ingredients and non-organic corn – both microwave popcorn companies and several gourmet popcorn companies.

Some harmful additives and ingredients these companies use are: Partially Hydrogenated Soybean Oil, Artificial

Flavors, Annatto for color, Chemicals, Preservatives and many other dangerous chemicals. These chemical are not only added to

the popcorn, but to the containers as well.



Non-Organic Popcorn Company’s Ingredients – 12 ingredients, including artificial.


Now that you have more knowledge of what’s in or not in your favorite snack, what kind of popcorn do

you prefer? Let us know your thoughts!